Why You Should Start Doing Cold Plunges Yesterday

There’s no surprise that cold plunges have immense benefits. Here’s an Ice Bath Podcast I did recently.

Starting your day with a cold plunge may sound uncomfortable, but it has many benefits.

From weight loss to clearer thoughts, cold plunges can positively impact your well-being. If you’re new to this, you don’t have to start with a long duration, 20 seconds will do. You can also try a warm-cold shower or use an immersion tub.

It’s also a great way to relax your muscles before bed.

To help overcome the initial discomfort, try deep breathing or the box breathing method (inhale for 4-5 secs, hold for 4-5 secs, exhale for 4-5 secs, hold for 4-5 secs, repeat 8 rounds). The key is to be present in everything you do; cold plunges can help with that.

Leave a comment with any questions you might have about cold plunges!

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