Thinking Bigger: Why You’re Not Getting What You Want and How to Change That

Often in life, we find ourselves falling short of our aspirations. We set goals, but somehow, they remain just out of reach. Is it the universe conspiring against us? Is it a lack of ability or opportunity? More often than not, the answer lies within our mindset. If you’re not getting what you want out of life, it might be because you’re not thinking big enough.

The Power of Thinking Big

You see, we get out of life exactly what we ask of it. If all we ask is to “get by,” then that’s precisely what we’ll achieve. But what if we dared to ask for more? What if we dared to think bigger, to dream larger, to envision a life that exceeds mere survival and embraces thriving? That’s where true potential begins to unfold.

The act of thinking big, or even 10 times bigger, is a powerful catalyst for change. By aiming for $10,000 a month instead of just enough to pay your bills, you force your mind to expand its horizons and seek creative solutions to make that a reality.

Practical Steps to Thinking Bigger

How do we shift our mindset and begin to think bigger? Here are some practical steps:

Improve Your Financial Literacy

Understanding money – how to earn it, manage it, save it, and invest it – is essential. Learn about budgeting, compound interest, investments, and taxes. Utilize free online resources or consider taking a course. With this foundational knowledge, you’ll be better equipped to make sound financial decisions and understand the path to your big financial goals.

Read Plenty of Books

Books are a window into the experiences and knowledge of others who have achieved big things. They’re also a source of inspiration, opening our minds to possibilities we may not have considered. Read widely and voraciously, with a focus on self-improvement, success stories, and financial knowledge.

Thinking Bigger and 10X Your Desires

Here’s where the magic happens. Take your current goals and multiply them by ten. Want to earn $1,000 more a month? Make your new goal $10,000. Want to save $10,000 a year? Aim for $100,000. This shift forces you to think differently about how to achieve your goals, stretching your creativity and problem-solving skills.

thinking bigger can ultimately 10X your outcomes simply by deciding that you want more with your life.

Break it Down

Now that you have your bigger goal, break it down into smaller, actionable steps. What can you do today, this week, or this month that will bring you closer to this goal? This helps make your larger goal more manageable and less intimidating.

Consistency and Patience

Thinking bigger is not a one-time event. It’s a continual process of challenging your self-imposed limitations and reaching for more. Be patient with yourself and understand that significant achievements take time. Stay consistent and keep pushing forward, even when progress seems slow.

Remember, thinking bigger is not about greed or materialism. It’s about pushing boundaries, growing, and realizing your full potential. By doing so, you invite more opportunities, prosperity, and fulfillment into your life. Don’t settle for getting by – dare to think bigger, and watch how life rises to meet you.

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