The Alternative To Hustle Culture

Today’s topic is going to be on the hustle culture and taking time to rest and relax. Oftentimes we get so caught up in the hustle of everything we forget to work on ourselves. So ultimately there is a big topic around the hustle culture and the thought that you need to be grinding consistently in order to get yourself to a better place.

And while that is definitely true, there are a lot of misconceptions about what goes into performing at a higher level. It’s funny because we’ve built a few income streams over the past couple of months and years and I’ve always noticed the most performance and the most impact is specifically when we’re in a good mental state but also well rested, relaxed and recharged. And the funny thing is, in the hustle culture you’ll typically find that a lot of people are just in grind mode and just looking for all the ways to continue going and going and going and going.

They keep their foot on the gas and they run out of gas miles ago. And in the sense of running a marathon, they basically train train, train, train with all of the specifics of how to prepare yourself and rest and relax and recharge.

So fast forward six months down the road, the people that are just in that mode of going, going, or the runner in this case, that continues to just go every single day without any sort of plan around recovering, which is arguably just as important. They’re burnt out, they’re injured, they have issues with their body, and it’s a totally different approach than what we’ve understood works and what has been beneficial for us.

So full transparency, the opinion that I share is something that I’ve experienced over my life and it’s not 100% fact, it’s just what my perspective is on the sense of hustle culture and everything of that nature.

The compound effect, personal development vs hustle culture

So ultimately in order to perform and excel at high levels and continue that pace, you need to make sure that you’re taking care of your mental state and your brain. Because if all you do is just go, go, grind, grind, grind, grind, grind sure enough, fast forward a year from now, two years from now, you will be doing subpart work because you are allowing yourself to get into this mode where all you’re doing is going but you’re not recharging your batteries and you’re sort of telling yourself that you’re in this grind or hustle culture and all you do is just work.

But when in reality that’s like the worst thing that you can do for yourself. So flip it on its head to the person who is looking for ways to better themselves mentally and physically, whether that’s meditation journaling or any sort of education or personal education like reading and even visualization, these are all things that allow you to become better daily and you are able to upgrade your mind.

So look at it in a simple sense of the person who journals, reads, meditates, visualizes, may or may not have to do that, but exercises andis like doing cold showers and everything like that.

These are not all necessities. Maybe you just do one or two, maybe you do all of them. But if you look at ways to develop yourself and keep the pace, then, sure enough, fast forward six months to two years from now, assuming that you’ve done things afterward because you can’t just rely on those to help you progress.

the alternative to hustle culture

Joe vs jerry; Hustle culture vs personal development

But it does get you in a better mental state which allows you to progress in your personal and business and professional life. So you take both sides of the coin where person A, we call him Joe, joe is just going, going for two years from now.

He might get off to a good start in the beginning, and then as time progresses, he starts to get less and less energetic versus the other guy who, we’ll call him Jerry, who is waking up. He’s meditating, he’s journaling, he’s praying, he’s exercising, he’s visualizing and reading and just finding ways to develop himself and still putting in the time at work or in his business.

Sure enough, six months, two years from now, he has compounded his education, his mind, and everything of the sort. So if he even puts in a comparable amount of effort compared to Joe, jerry will be in a much better place, both mentally, physically and even spiritually, but also professionally and in his business.

Take it one step at a time

This is really important because life is long and it is a marathon. So if you treat it like a sprint and you just need to go, go, go, you will absolutely burn yourself out. Even if it’s not in the next two or three months or six months, at some point it will happen. But if you need and if you look at it in a different way of how can I develop myself and become 1% better daily? It’s a totally different mindset and that’s a totally different approach that allows you to keep the pace and keep growing day by day.

You don’t have to move a mountain overnight, you don’t have to eat the elephant in one sitting, but you do have to take one step after the next, take one bite at a time.

Sure enough, over the long period, which is what we should all be focusing on anyway, is a long-term focus. Have your North Star your goal, but align your daily actions around getting to that ultimate destination that you’re looking for.

So just real quick in the sense of making building an empire around real estate, for example, let’s say you want to buy and acquire 10 or 100 properties, you need to reverse engineer that. Go all the way down to, okay, how do I get my first or fifth property? 

Reverse engineer success

Well, you should probably educate yourself on the topic, write about it and make sure that you have a plan in place and that you actually see yourself doing it, because the first thing, in my opinion, is you need to see it in your head before you can actually do it. A lot of times, at least to some degree. And then now it’s just as simple as taking one step after the next.

So having your North Star, breaking it down into very simple achievable goals and then taking one step after the next and just continuing to energize yourself by doing these little things like journaling, creating a plan, brain dumping, visualizing yourself doing it, but also meditating and having control over your mind. Because if you do control your mind, you can control just about anything in terms of your outcomes. 

We are the masters of our destiny and if we are able to put ourselves in a place where we know exactly where we want to go, the pieces may not always fall exactly as we want, because God has a much bigger plan in place for us. But at the end of the day, we need to be able to control what we can control. And one of those things is our mind.

So that’s all I got for you today. If you did enjoy this, please let me know in the comments below. But I’m looking forward to making more of these for you guys. Take care and talk soon!

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