Should You Move to Cuenca Ecuador? Here’s What You Can Expect

The Cajas Mountains In Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador is a place many people have never heard of, or even thought of visiting. In fact, Cuenca Ecuador is a place where many ex-pats and retirees go to seek a better life and see what else is out there in the world. In this article, we will cover all of our personal experiences … Read more

May Income Report 2022

Income report june 2022

Income: $11,427.46 Expenses: $5,1107.07 Savings: $6,316.49 Updates to our income report From last month’s May Income Report to this month, a lot has happened! We just finished a 2-week vacation in Cuenca Ecuador, and went to a real estate meetup with Brandon Turner and Brian Murray.  A big focus might be on how we made … Read more