Why is Financial Freedom Important

financial freedom is important

Financial Freedom Comes With Many Benefits, These Are a Few Financial freedom is the ability to have control over your financial decisions and to live the lifestyle you want without being constrained by money. It’s a concept that is often associated with wealth and abundance, but it’s important to note that financial freedom can be achieved … Read more

How Used and Thrift Items Can Accelerate Your Financial Freedom path

How used and thrift items can accelerate your financial freedom path

Getting Used and thrift items are often seen in a bad light. Realistically, when used correctly, they can accelerate your path to financial freedom. In this short article, we’ll dive into where you can find used and thrift items and why those are helpful. Used and Thrift item examples Every person has their own idea … Read more

Income Report February 2022

February income report 2022

Income: $7,643.01 Expenses: $4034.92 Savings: $3608.09 Updates to our income report From last month’s January Income Report to this month, a lot has happened, some have been good and some have not been so good. For our income sources, my job has stayed the same and I’m anticipating a lot of closes to come through … Read more