October 2023 Financial Freedom Update

Hello everyone, Eric Piccione here. I’m excited to share my October 2023 financial freedom update, not just for my future self to reflect on my mindset during this period but also to inspire and offer a fresh perspective on the path to financial freedom. Many share their success without the backstory of their journey, and I want to document the process, the learning, and the growth that happens along the way.

A Trip to Remember

This month was highlighted by an amazing two-week trip to Russia with my family. We visited St. Petersburg and Moscow, indulging in the local cuisine and culture. Financially, we managed the trip well, spending only a portion of our budget. We brought over $3,500 for the entire month long trip and left with just under $2,000. This trip also allowed us to take care of medical and dental needs at a fraction of the cost back home, including dental work, blood work, testosterone, heart, and general health check-ups.

Simplifying to Amplify

A significant decision I made was to sell my Amazon FBA account. After seven years of ups and downs, I realized that the mental space it occupied wasn’t worth the intermittent financial gains. This move is part of a broader strategy to simplify our lives and focus our energies on more fruitful ventures to potentially be fully digital in the next year.

Debt Reduction Strategies

We’ve recently paid off our vending loan and are now focusing on clearing our HVAC loan and HELOC. With a balance of $10,000 left on the HVAC, we’re waiting for the right financial moment to settle this debt without jeopardizing our cash flow, especially with our rental unit in Houston currently vacant.

October 2023 Financial Freedom Update
October 2023 Financial Freedom Update

Investing in Our Future

Looking ahead, we’re considering a move to Russia in 2024. This would significantly reduce our living expenses and allow us to save more aggressively. Our goal is to double our investment capacity, which would accelerate our journey towards financial independence.

Content Creation and Brand Building

I’m also doubling down on content creation, focusing on delivering high-quality videos and blogs. I believe in the power of impactful content to grow my brand, Kickers of Earth, and to provide value to my audience. I’m contemplating creating a course for my sports brand, leveraging my extensive experience in the football education space.

The Power of High-Quality Content

I’m committed to producing content that covers broad topics in-depth rather than a multitude of less substantial pieces. This approach aligns with my goal to be authentic and genuinely helpful to my audience. I’m excited about the potential growth of my channel and the positive impact it can have on others.

Gratitude and Looking Forward

I’m grateful for the support I’ve received and am eager to see where this journey takes us. It’s about more than just financial freedom; it’s about building a life filled with purpose, learning, and growth. Thank you for being a part of this journey, and I can’t wait to share more with you in the future.

Stay blessed and stay tuned for more updates on our path to financial freedom.

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