Low Cost vs Quality, Which Is Better?

Over the years, we’ve played around with both sides of the argument for cost vs quality. Ultimately it depends on your preference and what makes the most sense for this point in time for you. We’ll go through both sides and you can decide which applies to you more given both sides of the argument.

Low Cost vs Quality the real argument

Do you want something long lasting or cheap and quick? That’s an argument most have battled. Now there’s not really any type of clear winner here as they both have their drawbacks. What we’ve experienced and know could be different from your opinion and we’ll do our best to stay neutral here to give you the best idea of what makes the most sense for you and your future.

Pros for Quality

Longer lasting over the long term

Most of the time, a high-quality item like a leather jacket, good jeans, or a really good vacuum, are made with more time and effort put into them. This leads them to be more sturdy and able to stand the test of time. I’ve had some really good jeans and leather jackets now for 8 years and they’re good as new still.

Saving more money over a longer time frame

When you are buying for low cost vs quality a huge benefit that is hidden is the long term, quality wins. This is often true, especially when referencing clothing, equipment, furniture, and remodeling projects.

When you look at a time span of 3 years or more for most items when comparing low cost vs quality, people have already bought another low-cost item while the quality item is still very much in use.

More Comfortable

Comfort is also much higher in the high-quality section as the products are made with better materials and take longer to build. This is really important for items you will use time and time again. Think clothing and furniture. It’s best to get a few really good high-quality pieces of clothing that will be worn over 20 years than something that will have to get purchased again in 2 years. Now I know people that buy $80 t-shirts and that’s not really the point here. What i’m referencing is items that are made with great material at a fair price, not 10 shirts for $8

Typically more value for the price

When thinking of Low cost vs quality. The more you pay for an item, the more value that’s packed into the item. Think of grills or smokers. They are often loaded with features because if you’re going to spend $500 or more on a grill, it better have plenty of features.

Environmentally friendly

Often, a product that is higher quality is made with natural resources which can help preserve the environment.

Low cost vs quality

Cons For Quality

These items cost more

Of course, when paying for more value and features, you PAY for value and features. This is to be expected but when weighing low cost vs value, this is one of the main points.

Don’t get as much since you’re paying more

This is a pretty obvious one and is often why it might make sense to buy a lower-cost item for a while depending on what it is so you can get something in the meantime. Low cost vs quality is all about weighing your options and deciding what makes sense for you right now and then in the future. These can also be benefits because the few items you do buy cut out on clutter and keep your home cleaner because you know you have a few GOOD items instead of many just okay items. This is also known as minimalism.

Pros For Low Cost

Get more for less

This is a great option when you need something you know doesn’t need to be made from the highest quality material. For example, our Airbnb we rent. We bought furniture and items there with the understanding that our tenants won’t take the best care of what we have so we’ll get something that gets the job done. We’d rather get an inexpensive dining table made of standard wood with a cloth table instead of hand-crafted mahogany wood that should last 50 years. There are definitely scenarios where the former situation just makes more sense. If you want to read more about our Airbnb, check out this article.

Great for when you’re in a pinch 

There are also times when you just need something now and a higher cost, better quality item just doesn’t make sense. By all means get the lower cost item with the thought that this is a temporary fix.

Cons For Low Cost

Doesn’t last long

Since you’re buying a low cost item, expect it to break down sooner than later but you’ll get these in order to buy some time and last a little bit longer to get the job done. 

Harms the environment

Typically, cheap materials are easy to manufacture and accessible which can often be harmful to the environment.

The Takeaway of Low Cost Vs Quality

Hopefully, there are some key takeaways you got from this article on low cost vs quality items. Again, I’m not here to say one is far superior to the other. But there are some noticeable differences between the two and it depends on what you’re looking for. 

Now everyone values cost and value differently. What might seem low cost to me might seem expensive for someone else. It just depends on what it’s being used for.

Higher quality is best if you prioritize;

  • Long lasting
  • Comfortable
  • Typically more environmental friendly options

Lower cost items are best if you need;

  • Something fast
  • A one time or short term fix
  • A lot of one thing for a budget friendly option

Now when used correctly, these items will make your path to financial freedom much better since you have things that will last forever and things to just get by for a little while. There are some things not worth splurging on and others that just make complete sense paying top dollar for.

Let me know your thoughts below in the comments what you think!

We’ll talk soon 🙂

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