January 2024 Financial Freedom Update

Hello, Pistachios! Eric Piccione here, documenting our path to financial independence. As we close out January 2024, I’m here to share insights from our journey, lessons learned, and our strategic moves as we navigate the waters of financial freedom.

Bidding Farewell to the Vending Machine Business

This month marked a significant change for us; I sold our vending machine business. At its peak, the business boasted ten machines, but we’ve gradually scaled down to five before deciding to sell. This venture offered us incredible cash flow and was a valuable asset when we needed it most. With profit margins hitting 50-60%, it wasn’t an easy decision, but it aligns with our broader vision of moving abroad and focusing on less logistically demanding investments.

A New Chapter: Moving to Russia

One of the pivotal reasons behind selling the business is our upcoming move to Russia. This move is about simplifying our lives and removing the stress of managing state-side operations. It’s a leap towards embracing new experiences and ensuring our investments align with our lifestyle, focusing more on real estate and other ventures.

Citizenship Milestones and Future Plans

An exciting personal update is my wife’s impending American citizenship, a monumental step that will ease our international travels and open up new doors for us. This milestone is not just about the convenience of travel but about the opportunities it presents for our family’s future.

Financial Strategy Shifts: From High Yield Savings to Treasuries

Financially, we’ve made a strategic shift from high-yield savings accounts to investing in treasuries or T-bills. This move is driven by the tax advantages and higher interest rates offered by treasuries, making it a more lucrative option for us. Our strategy involves a ladder approach, buying at 3, 6, 9, and 12-month intervals to secure a guaranteed rate, a decision influenced by our desire for more efficient tax handling and liquidity.

The Adventure Ahead

Looking forward, we’re excited about the adventures that await us. From obtaining American citizenship to planning a move to Russia, each step is carefully considered to ensure it aligns with our financial goals and family’s well-being. The upcoming trip to Russia for two months will be a trial run, an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the culture and explore long-term living options.

Embracing Change with Open Arms

As we embark on this journey, we’re reminded of the importance of flexibility, open-mindedness, and the pursuit of what truly matters. Our decision to move, our financial strategies, and the changes in our investment focus are all steps towards building a future that resonates with our values and aspirations.

Join Us on This Journey

I invite you to follow along as we document our journey to financial freedom. Your support, whether through following our blog at FinancialFreedomAndMe.com or engaging with our content, means the world to us. Here’s to a future filled with adventure, growth, and financial independence.

Stay tuned, and God bless.

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