House Hacking For Beginners

Using the Power Of House Hacking To Lower Your Biggest Expense

House Hacking Might be the very thing you need to shortcut your path to financial freedom.

use house hacking to get ahead fast
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What Is House Hacking?

House hacking is a strategy for getting started in real estate investing in which you purchase a property and use it as both a primary residence and a rental property.

It can be a great way for beginners to get their feet wet in the world of real estate investing, as it allows you to leverage your primary residence to generate additional income and potentially build wealth over time.

Here are some key things to consider if you are thinking about house hacking as a beginner:

Choose the right property:

When house hacking, it’s important to choose a property that will be easy to rent out and that will generate enough income to cover your mortgage and other expenses.

Look for properties with multiple units, such as a duplex or triplex, as these will be easier to rent out than a single-family home. You should also consider factors such as location, condition, and potential for appreciation when selecting a property.

Get with a rockstar real estate agent to be able to find the diamond in the rough property you want!

Finance your property wisely:

There are several financing options available for house hackers, including traditional mortgage loans, FHA loans, and owner-occupied loans.

It’s important to carefully consider your options and choose a financing option that is affordable and fits your needs.

It’s recommended to get with a rockstar lender who can make this process a breeze. Ask around but also lean heavily on word of mouth and reviews!

Manage your property effectively:

As a landlord, you will be responsible for maintaining your property and finding tenants.

This can be time-consuming, so it’s important to be prepared to put in the effort to keep your property in good condition and attract and retain tenants.

Understand the tax implications:

House hacking can have tax implications, both for your personal taxes and for your rental property.

It’s important to understand these implications and consult with a tax professional to ensure that you are properly managing your taxes.

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