August 2023 Financial Freedom Update

Hello everyone, I am here to share with you some valuable lessons I have learned from this month’s efforts. August has been a month full of challenges and opportunities, and I believe it is essential to reflect on our experiences to grow and improve. Here are some key insights and lessons I have learned this month:

The Value of Authentic Documentation

This month, I made a conscious effort to provide an authentic and raw documentation of my process, showcasing real-time lessons and emotions. I believe that being transparent and honest about our journey, including the successes and failures, is crucial for personal growth and building trust with others.

Investing in And Selling our Vending Machines

One significant opportunity that came my way this month was in the vending industry. It has provided my family and me with a great opportunity to create cash flow and fund other passions. I have learned that it is one of the best assets to invest in, and I am grateful for the opportunities it has brought us. We’re going to be selling off our locations to use that capital to continue to grow our long-term income streams. We’d plan to sell each location for 5K+12 months gross sales (Within Reason.) The more money the location makes, the less inclined I am to bundle the price of the machines in with the sale. Mainly because it’s making enough on its own that selling it based on annual revenues does the trick just fine.

Maximizing Profits

This month, I also focused on maximizing profits by selling machines at a higher price. I learned that this strategy could lead to significant profits, as demonstrated by the possibility of making a net of twenty thousand dollars during the ten-plus months of operation. This experience reinforced the importance of strategic pricing and finding ways to maximize profits.

august 2023 update

Importance of Property Maintenance

Another key lesson I learned this month was the importance of property maintenance and renovation. I set a goal to renovate the house to make it more pleasing to the eye and provide a valuable place to live while ensuring an affordable and competitive rental rate. This experience taught me the importance of maintaining and upgrading properties to increase their value and attract tenants.

Potential of Affiliate Marketing

I also explored the potential of affiliate marketing this month. I learned that there is a potential to earn a high commission of $250 through a recommended high ticket affiliate sale product. This experience opened my eyes to the potential of affiliate marketing as a source of income and the importance of choosing the right products to promote.

Focusing on High Income Producing Tasks

Lastly, I learned the importance of focusing on high income producing tasks to maximize revenue and avoid getting divided across multiple responsibilities. This month, I made a conscious effort to double down on my highest income producing tasks, and it made a significant difference in my productivity and revenue.


August has been a month full of learning and growth. From exploring the potential of the vending industry to learning the importance of strategic property sales, property maintenance, affiliate marketing, and focusing on high income producing tasks, I have gained valuable insights that I will carry forward in my journey. I hope that sharing my experiences and lessons learned will help you in your journey as well. Thank you for being a part of my journey, and I look forward to sharing more updates with you in the future.

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