Why You Should Focus On Documenting Your Journey

Today, I want to share some insights about what’s been happening around me and the value I’ve discovered in documenting your journey and sharing content. I’ve had a good day, learning about what’s around the corner and the things that are working and not working for us. I managed to sell a pretty good size project at my part-time sales gig and pulled in some commission. The funny part is, the better I get, the more money that will be made. The commission from that is more than my wife’s two weeks worth of work, which is kind of crazy to say out loud. The power of being great in sales is really incredible.

About Me

For those who are new here, my name is Eric. I created this blog to harness the concept of documenting your journey to financial freedom in the most raw way possible.

The Value of Content and Documenting Your Journey

The main topic of today is more or less around documenting your journey content and why I find value in it and what it does and has done for me long term and with certain doors and opportunities. I have a social media channel for sports where I was an athlete for years and basically talking about my own experience or knowledge of the topic. People resonate with that, and it does well on TikTok and YouTube.

Documenting your journey opens up so many doors

The Power of Digital Real Estate

YouTube and social media in general have an incredible amount of leverage for what it can do for you. Let’s take a simple example of two people, Bob and Jerry. They do the exact same thing and follow the process their own way for five years. Bob is a real estate agent who does his job day in and day out, makes whatever 100K a year. By year five, nothing really changes, he might make like 125-150K.

Jerry, on the other hand, does the same thing but understands the value of documenting your journey and shares his feedback, his thoughts on the market and things like that. In year one, maybe no difference income wise from Bob. Year two, probably some traction because people will be curious. If he lives in Oklahoma, he’ll say, “Hey, I’m an Oklahoma real estate agent. If you guys are looking to buy or sell in the area, hit me up. This is what I’ve seen, this is a beautiful house I toured today,” and so on.

By year three, four, and five, Jerry is likely going to make a lot more money, let’s just say 250K annually, because of the fact that he has built up an authority in the space. He’s likely got a pretty good social media following at that point. People love watching the house tours. He’s making money from YouTube itself and a lot of people make a full-time living off of YouTube and other social media channels. Sponsorships and all sorts of opportunities will come his way because people identify him as the Oklahoma real estate agent.

The lifelong networking opportunities that come from it are invaluable. There are a lot of influencers that I’ve been grateful enough to meet over the years. They’re no different than you and I. However, they have understood the power of leverage when it comes to digital real estate. The more videos and presence that you put out in the market on your channels, the more authority you gain in any situation.

The Benefit of Teaching

The best part about teaching someone something is you get to learn twice. You also get to learn a better way of communicating that exact topic in a more concise and efficient way that you can get that point across for people to understand. So, if you explain the same topics over and over again, you can learn different ways to rephrase it or get to the point or get a little bit more effective in the way that you teach it because you’ve said it so many times in a teaching manner.

This approach translates well into my sales job too. The more I’m talking and able to express emotion, opinion, and my thoughts, the more it sheds light on my sales abilities. I’ve seen my sales numbers go up exponentially ever since I’ve started to pay more attention to my own journey and process.

there's immense power in documenting your journey

The Power of AI in Content Creation

I strongly believe that you should double down on creating more content. Not even creating, just documenting your content and your journey or process, whatever it is that you love talking about. There are AI tools that will repurpose and cut your content down into more bite-sized pieces. For example, let’s say a video comes to be like 10-12 minutes. I could very easily pop this into that AI and it’ll cut it down into bite-size segments of like 30 to 45 minute-long segments that are optimized for key talking points.

This, matched with another AI that will then take that repurposed or short-form content and repurpose it through multiple channels all at once, can save you hours per day, and days over the course of a month. It’s a really cool thing and it’s really powerful whenever you learn the ability of what content can do for you.

Ever since I started posting more content, I don’t have to be the smartest guy, but people see me as an authority figure within my niche. That gives me a lot more opportunity from a sales side, from coaching, and conversions go up instead of me having to start from scratch and claw my way through conversations with people. It just makes life easy for the most part and income opportunities are abundant for a lot of people that really put themselves out there.


I view digital content as like real estate because it only takes one for your whole life to change. It just takes one video and it doesn’t have to be anything amazing. The more fishing lines that you put in the water, i.e., content, the more opportunities that you have, the more at-bats you’ll have to really do something big time.

So, I say go for it. What’s the alternative? At best, your life can change. At worst, you learn one way not to make a video, but at least you’re putting yourself out there. Put out more digital real estate, put up more at-bats because the more real estate that you put out there, the more ownership or control that you have over your niche and your future.

Thank you for reading. The whole purpose of this is to embody the goal of documenting your journey to financial freedom, share tips, insights, thoughts on our journey to get there, and what we’re doing currently to get to a better place. If you resonate with that and if you want to follow along or know someone that would, let them know about this blog. The bigger the blog gets, the more people it can impact. Thank you so much for reading and take care.

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