October 2021 Financial Freedom Update

October personal finance update

While 2021 has definitely been an interesting time, October was no different. Throughout October, our personal finances have changed as well as our mindsets. We will break down what our focus is, what is to come, and the results of this month in detail. Here are the numbers for the month of October: Total Income: … Read more

June 2022 Financial Freedom Update

Income report june 2022

Income: $11,427.46 Expenses: $5,1107.07 Savings: $6,316.49 Updates to our income report From last month’s May Income Report to this month, a lot has happened! We just finished a 2-week vacation in Cuenca Ecuador, and went to a real estate meetup with Brandon Turner and Brian Murray.  A big focus might be on how we made … Read more

What Is Our Current Money Mindset?

A good money mindset to have

Having a positive money mindset is crucial to accumulating wealth. In this very first article of the financial freedom and me blog, we talk about our current money mindset. What we do and don’t value, what we prioritize, and how we’re planning our money for the future. Throughout the years we have made many mistakes. … Read more

September 2021 Financial Freedom Update

September personal finance update

Our personal finance report for september is crazy! More so because a lot of adjustments in both our incomes and mindset have taken place. I feel like it’s best to put everything on the table as both a journal for ourselves and all of our readers. First I’d like to start off by saying, if … Read more

January 2022 Financial Freedom Update

January Income Report

Income: $8,867.35 Expenses: $3,699.27 Savings: $5168.08 Updates to our income report While I’d love to say our income is continuously going up month over month, we made less than our December income report but still significantly more than we have in the past which is a massive blessing for us. My new sales job hit … Read more

December 2021 Financial Freedom Update

December Income Report

Income: $11,182.19 Expenses: $4,932.02 Savings: $6,250.17 Updates to our income report For the income report month in December, my SaaS job brought netted $3960.11, my previous job still had some payouts which were $1916.26, my wife’s job brought in $2,018.26 and other income sources like business and gifts were $3,791.03. This is a big jump … Read more

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