Income Report November 2021

November Income Report

Our income report for November took a dip since October but there are a few exciting updates that you’ll want to read about! Income: $5,133.19 Expenses: $5,297.91 Savings: $164.72 Updates to our income report For The month of November, my digital marketing job brought in $2,233.03, my wife’s job brought in $1,938.92 and other income … Read more

Income Report March 2022

Income Report March 2022

Income: $7,654.91 Expenses: $4030.12 Savings: $3624.79 Updates to our income report From last month’s February Income Report to this month, a lot has happened! For starters, I sold my first project at the software I work at. While I’d love to say it was easy, the product my department sells is surprisingly hard to get … Read more

Personal Finances October 2021 Income Report

October personal finance update

While 2021 has definitely been an interesting time, October was no different. Throughout October, our personal finances have changed as well as our mindsets. We will break down what our focus is, what is to come, and the results of this month in detail. Here are the numbers for the month of October: Total Income: … Read more

What Is Our Current Money Mindset?

A good money mindset to have

Having a positive money mindset is crucial to accumulating wealth. In this very first article of the financial freedom and me blog, we talk about our current money mindset. What we do and don’t value, what we prioritize, and how we’re planning our money for the future. Throughout the years we have made many mistakes. … Read more

Personal Finance September 2021 Income Report

September personal finance update

Our personal finance report for september is crazy! More so because a lot of adjustments in both our incomes and mindset have taken place. I feel like it’s best to put everything on the table as both a journal for ourselves and all of our readers. First I’d like to start off by saying, if … Read more

Income Report January 2022

January Income Report

Income: $8,867.35 Expenses: $3,699.27 Savings: $5168.08 Updates to our income report While I’d love to say our income is continuously going up month over month, we made less than our December income report but still significantly more than we have in the past which is a massive blessing for us. My new sales job hit … Read more

Income Report December 2021

December Income Report

Income: $11,182.19 Expenses: $4,932.02 Savings: $6,250.17 Updates to our income report For the income report month in December, my SaaS job brought netted $3960.11, my previous job still had some payouts which were $1916.26, my wife’s job brought in $2,018.26 and other income sources like business and gifts were $3,791.03. This is a big jump … Read more

GeoArbitrage Made Simple, Start Living Your Dream Life ASAP!

Geoarbitrage and how to achieve it

The Hype of GeoArbitrage You might of heard about GeoArbitrage recently and for good reason! It means you’re on to something good. While it is still one of the most underrated forms of living in the world, it’s starting to gain popularity. If you’re new to the topic, don’t worry, we’re going to break down … Read more

Should You Move to Cuenca Ecuador? Here’s What You Can Expect

The Cajas Mountains In Cuenca Ecuador

Cuenca Ecuador is a place many people have never heard of, or even thought of visiting. In fact, Cuenca Ecuador is a place where many ex-pats and retirees go to seek a better life and see what else is out there in the world. In this article, we will cover all of our personal experiences … Read more

3 Budget Tips To Finally Get It Under Control

3 budget tips you need to start using to reach financial freedom

A budget is a loose term that people use in many ways. Budget tips can come in many forms. A simple term for a budget is a way to manage your money so you are not letting it control you, but you control it. Having a budget not only helps you cut back on unnecessary … Read more