Update on the vending machine business september 2023

Embarking on a journey towards financial freedom is no small feat. It involves exploring various avenues, including the lucrative vending machine business. In this blog post, I share my personal experiences, the ups and downs, and the valuable insights gained from running a vending machine business. Join me as I take you through a day … Read more

The Power of Focusing on One Thing

Today, I want to emphasize the immense power of focusing on one thing when it comes to achieving new heights and breaking free from the financial bubble many find themselves in. Overcoming Financial Challenges A couple of years ago, my financial situation was quite turbulent. Like many young individuals, I was struggling to build momentum … Read more

The Ugly Truth About the Vending Machine Business

In the world of entrepreneurship, the vending machine business seems to be a lucrative venture that promises steady income with minimal effort. But is it all as rosy as it seems? In this blog post, we delve deep into the realities of the vending machine business, as narrated by a seasoned entrepreneur who has ventured … Read more

The Golden Rule of Business: Take Care of Your People

In the dynamic world of business, it is essential to remember one golden rule: take care of your people. This phrase not only signifies the importance of valuing your team but also emphasizes the necessity of recognizing and rewarding talent appropriately. Let’s delve into a personal journey that highlights the significance of this golden rule. … Read more

End of Month Update – August 2023

Hello everyone, I am here to share with you some valuable lessons I have learned from this month’s efforts. August has been a month full of challenges and opportunities, and I believe it is essential to reflect on our experiences to grow and improve. Here are some key insights and lessons I have learned this … Read more

How We Spend Money Guilt-Free

In this article, I share some quick tips on how we are budgeting our money to live a much more guilt-free lifestyle and really get ahead in life from a financial aspect. Our Financial Journey A lot of people may think that they have their finances together. I am confident that we do. I’ve been … Read more

June Income Report 2023

Total Income: $20,200.63 Total Expenses: $21,630.74 Personal Income $12,667.03 Personal Expenses $13,301.37 Business Income $7,533.60 Business Expenses $8,329.37 Total Personal Savings Rate: -5.01% Total Business Savings Rate: -10.56% Total Savings Rate: -7.08% Updates to our income report For the income report month in June, my primary B2B Sales job brought in $5,666.25, The secondary High … Read more