An Update on our vending machine business – June 28th, 2023

Hello, my name is Eric and I am documenting my journey to financial freedom. This is part five of my series where I share tips and realizations from my journey in the most raw format possible. No production, no edits, just the raw truth.

A Busy Day in the Vending Machine Business

Today was a super busy day. We started at 10 a.m., moving vending machines around. We pulled machines from our slowest location, a contract we decided to close down due to low profits. We then moved these machines to our second slowest location.

The machines from the second slowest location were moved to a new facility, an assisted living facility with about a hundred employees. We are really looking forward to the potential of this new location. In the short time we were there, we saw about 15 people excited about the new vending machine.

Expanding the Business

In the near future, we plan to add a drink and snack machine to our best location. This will increase revenues by at least two to three hundred per month. More variety and more options mean more money, and who doesn’t love that?

The Power of Putting Yourself Out There

One of the most important realizations I’ve had is how good life is when you put yourself out there. I secured the location at the assisted living facility by cold calling. The opportunities are out there, not just in vending, but in general. You just have to put one foot in front of the other and ask.

The Universe Provides

The world favors people who put themselves out there. The universe will provide if you genuinely ask. I used to think this was woo-woo until I saw it dozens of times over the past couple of months. People keep winning because they keep putting themselves out there, they keep giving themselves at-bats, they keep asking for what they want.

A New Sales Gig

I recently started a sales gig at a place that aligns perfectly with my interests. It’s in direct alignment with my passions and where I want to go long term. It’s helping the world, and to me, that is my perfect spot.

Moving Out of State

About a year ago, we were living in Texas and we realized that our limits were defined by our environment. We decided to move out of state to a place where no one we know lives. We packed up and moved to Cincinnati, Ohio. It has been the best decision of our life. The weather is amazing, it’s cost-effective, and it’s exactly what we wanted.

Current State of the Vending Business

Our best location makes about $900 a month and our worst location makes about $150-200 a month. We are pulling out of the bad locations as soon as possible to either supplement our current locations or find new ones. We are grossing right about $2k every single month on a bad month and on a good month, right about $3k.


Find that North Star for you and whatever you can’t stop thinking about. Try to find someone that you want to be like and emulate. You never know what could come out of it. A lot of the opportunities that have come our way in the past year have been because we’ve just asked. Stay tuned for more updates on the vending business and remember, you’re awesome. Peace.

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