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Hey Friend!

My name is Eric and I created this blog to document our journey to financial freedom! I wanted to share our journey because it can be confusing to see all these people in the world talk about how they can work whenever, wherever.

I get it, I’m right where most of you are right now. That said, my wife and I are trying to escape the rat race and wanted to create this page as documentation of our process for doing so.

eric and polina wedding photos
A picture from our wedding day 🙂

Throughout the past few years, we’ve tried dozens of business ventures. Some have been quite successful, others have been a huge learning experience. We’ve also read over 120 books in less than 2 years in order to arm ourselves with the best possible knowledge to help us expedite our journey to financial freedom.

You might be wondering, “Why should I listen to you?” Well for starters, everything I post about are 100% transparent and real-time experiences that we’ve gone through.

We’ve lost over $10,000 in stupid investments and things we thought were going to get us to the next level. So we’ve been burned plenty of times and this blog is a way to share our trials and tribulations so you can learn from our experiences and we can get there together!

Many blogs are written from people who have either never gone into a specific venture, or are years ahead of many of us, disconnected from the day-to-day struggles many of us face. This often leads to the reader feeling like there’s so much ahead that needs to happen in order to become financially free.

We’re a married couple with a newborn and a passion to build a fortune the next 100 generations can continue to build off of.

The three of us together for our FIRST Christmas!

The main thing with this page is providing a snapshot of our approach to financial freedom, hopefully, helping some people along the way and challenging others to disrupt the status quo to live life on their terms.

We are NOT finance experts and don’t claim to be. But my wife and I have built a modest income so far and are wanting to share with others our path to inspire hope, give, and also gain advice from this community. Please leave a comment or send me an email on things you have found useful or want us to talk about.

This could be books, investing advice, topics that interest you, or anything that comes to mind that might help you get one step closer to financial freedom!

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